Instagram Shopping Feature: How To Increase Sales 

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Next to Facebook, Instagram has become the second most ideal platform for eCommerce marketing. With about 1.5 billion monthly active users, Instagram attracts more brands and influencers to promote their products or services to increase their revenue. 

Moreover, 60% of users on Instagram discover new products daily, and 90% of audiences follow at least one brand.  This makes it evident that Instagram creates an excellent opportunity for brands to sell their product on Instagram with greater engagement.

But how can brands on Instagram direct audiences for conversion? Here is a solution! The shopping feature on Instagram helps audiences shop directly from their account. Let’s get started with knowing the steps to find engaging ways to shop your product on Instagram.

Why Instagram Shopping Matters?

The Instagram shopping feature offers an exclusive shopping experience inside the application that helps people to discover new products. In the US, a complete transaction occurs when a user login to a brand on Instagram. Brands leveraging the shopping feature have a greater potential to hold audience traffic on Instagram’s eCommerce store.

A recent analysis revealed that shopping posts on Instagram boosts website traffic by 1416%, which is a huge number. Therefore, Instagram is prioritizing the shop feature by displaying the icon on the bottom of the screen that makes users enter into the shopping platform. The engaging tips below provide an excellent opportunity to boost a new customer base with increased sales.

Optimize Your Product Tags

When compared with other social media channels, Instagram contains a well-structured strategy that benefits brands using shopping features. While promoting your product on Instagram, consider how your potential customers understand your brand. 

The users on Instagram will not come to the shop page. Instead, create a strategy to increase your product value and drive massive engagement by building connections with the audience. It is better to encourage the visitor to view your shop page by providing a product tag in your post.

While creating content to optimize your audience behavior, keep the following points in mind:

  • Consider the count of product tags you use in your posts. Never overcrowd your post with many tags, and make them easy to tap on a tag.
  • Always tag only the products featured on the shop page to avoid confusion.
  • Include the product tag on all relevant posts that intend audiences to tap on the product to find more information. 
  • If you do not have an in-app checkout feature, you can easily link to the website’s product page to find one.

Therefore, provide relevant content that creates trust among audiences and decides them to click on the right product.

Improve Product Visibility With Video Content

Instagram users mainly concentrate on sharing video content for better understanding. People on Instagram love to watch video content and help stop scrolling with attractive concepts. 

Various video types on Instagram boost your creativity for audience engagement. Apply your content plan to the following features:

  • Reels
  • IGTV
  • Instagram stories


Instagram reels are the latest feature that allows brands to tag their products for easy discovery. Since reel videos are short, your target audiences discover your product easily with hashtags and display it on the explore page. Include relevant hashtags with a call to action and boost your product visibility.


IGTV is a powerful feature for brands and businesses to showcase their product in detail so that audiences gain a better understanding. IGTV videos take the Explore page by four times more than the feed post and two times higher than Reels videos. So you need to put in some extra effort to create highly engaging content. If you still receive very less engagement, set on to buy Instagram IGTV likes for your videos to improve the visibility of your product or brand. Since IGTV is a long video format, people watch branded content if it looks informative and engaging. When more audiences turn out to watch your videos,  sales increase rapidly.

Instagram Stories:

Interestingly, 58% of people on Instagram show interest in a product only after watching it on Instagram stories. So, the stories feature on Instagram becomes the right place to share your product details and add tags to increase traffic to the Instagram shop page. If the swipe-up feature is available for your account, add the link to your product page to increase sales.

Also, add the stories with the product promotion to highlights that help the new visitors view your product in detail. 

Track The Impact Of Product Tagging

Instagram is a platform for all types of users to gain engagement. Moreover, clicking on the content will be the most valuable action for brands and businesses. But the engagement may drop or increase. To find it, there is a Facebook Commerce Manager tool to see the insights of Instagram shops. The overall stats outline top-performing products that collect data from Instagram and Facebook. You can get your audience information with the metrics, including gender, language, and location.

Final Thoughts

Instagram gives opportunities for users to discover new products and helps brands to increase their sales to a greater extent with the Shops feature. Tapping on the product tag helps audiences find information about new products and make purchasing easier.


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