Motivating User-Generated Content and Instagram’s UGC Contests

Suppose you’re in a store and everyone around you is buying a brand new smartphone.
You can find the newest iPhones and Samsung cellphones, as well as phones from Sony, Huawei, LG, and many other manufacturers you have never heard of, just about wherever you go. Now, pay attention; you’re planning to treat a loved one to a brand new smartphone. So, tell me: What do you do?

You probably start your research for a new phone by browsing the selection at the shop, making a note of the models that catch your eye, and then learning more about them via internet reviews. You wouldn’t go out and buy something that no one has tried before, would you?
As a result, you stop believing the content and ads for a brand and instead rely on other people’s impressions of that brand. That, right there, is the incredible potential of user-generated media (i.e. UGC).
This post will explain user-generated content (UGC), its advantages, and how to promote it through an Instagram contest. Who’s ready to get going?

Reasons to promote user-generated content on social media

Content (such as photos, blogs, videos, tweets, or reviews) that is produced by users (i.e., individuals you don’t pay) and shared publicly online is known as user-generated content (usually on a social media platform). To rephrase, it’s when your target demographic actively spreads the word about your brand without being compensated. Isn’t it neat?
User-generated content now has the potential to greatly benefit your business across all mediums.

It motivates people to make purchases

To begin, it is important to note the impact that user-generated content might have on consumers’ propensity to make a purchase. You may not be aware of it, but user-generated content (UGC) can have an impact on you as well. What gives? Remember the example at the beginning of the post; you’ve probably done the same thing before spending a lot of money on something you don’t know much about.
Do you want to say, “You got me!” right now? It’s true that user-generated content has swayed me on occasion, but it hardly represents the norm. Agreed. I need an even more convincing line of reasoning than what I just gave you to convince you of that. The numbers speak for themselves, so here we go:

Stackla found that the majority of consumers (60%) are motivated to make a purchase from a business due to content generated by friends and family members, while just 23% are impacted by content created by celebrities and influencers.

Trust in the brand is established

If consumers don’t have faith in your company, it’s unlikely they’ll purchase your goods, spread the word, and become dedicated buyers. In short, they won’t be doing that at all. As a result, establishing credibility for your brand is essential to the success of your venture.

So, it is more vital than ever to earn the confidence of your clientele. It’s important to keep in mind that customers can easily switch to a rival if they aren’t happy with your service. The best way to prevent this from happening is to put more effort into developing meaningful connections with your clientele.
Are you ready for this? User-generated content can assist you with this. What gives? A survey found that 83% of customers put more stock in the opinions of friends and family than they do in advertisements. Hence, instead of making thousands of adverts, you may create closer ties with clients by promoting UGC.

It increases loyalty to the brand

Did you know that exposing visitors to both professional content and UGC enhances brand engagement by 28%? Sure enough, you’re right! More interaction is produced on your social media profile when user-generated material is encouraged and shared alongside branded content.

Instagram user-generated content contest: explain.

Regular old Instagram competition

Every Instagram competition follows the same format: you announce the competition, instruct your followers on how to enter, detail the prizes on offer, and finally, reveal the winner. It seems to be the norm. The regulations for taking part in a contest, however, might vary greatly.
It is customary for contestants to complete one or more of the following in a standard competition:

Appreciate the article,
Stick with the brand,
Put a tag on your pal,
Feel free to share the photo,
Post your thoughts about a topic in the comments!
Please respond to this question.

In the form of an Instagram contest for user-generated content

On the other hand, if you want to enter a user-generated content (UGC) Instagram contest, you’ll need to produce some material, such a video in which you talk briefly about a service or a photo in which you showcase a brand’s goods. Hence, a UGC contest is a great way to get people talking about your business and sharing their own material.

Best practises for organising a user-generated content Instagram contest

Choose an overarching concept and an endpoint

There must be a central idea behind each competition. That is to say, it must have some sort of subject matter or theme. It may refer to anything that is soon to occur, a holiday, the time of year, or the latest fashion. In addition, you may host a competition centred on a topic related to your specialty, target audience, or other specific interests.

Give away something of value

Offering a smartphone or a certain amount of money as a prize in an Instagram contest is a typical error made by businesses and brands. Their hope is that by doing so, they may attract a larger number of contestants. Will it actually help?
In a word, yes. But if the reward has nothing to do with your business, you risk attracting people who have no interest in what you have to offer. What’s more, you’re missing out on opportunities to build your brand and introduce new customers to your wares.

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