The Complete Instagram Marketing Handbook for Companies

With more than a billion active users each month, Instagram is the second most popular social networking site. Also, in 2018, it was the second most downloaded free app in the Apple app store, behind only YouTube.

Instagram is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes, as well as for social media managers, brands, people, influencers, and celebrities, who are all able to expand their fan bases, develop meaningful connections, and generate revenue.

Explain Instagram to me.

Instagram is a photo and video sharing app that encourages users to express themselves artistically via the use of filters, overlays, and captions.

Approach to Marketing on Instagram

While Instagram may be a useful resource for marketers and organisations, corporate accounts, unlike personal ones, usually need some sort of plan. Even if you’ve been using Instagram for a while and have a sizable following, you may not know how to maximise its potential for expanding your enterprise. To succeed in this medium, you need an Instagram marketing plan.

Aiming For

Determine why you’re using Instagram as your first step. It’s important to remember that your goals for using the app will vary greatly depending on whether you’re trying to raise brand recognition or make sales. Consider aims such as:

  • The number of people who interact with your postings increases.
  • More exposure means increased sales.
  • A rise in the number of podcast subscribers

Identifying your ideal customers

After settling on a mission, the next step is to zero in on your ideal clientele.   Find out what kinds of postings are touching their hearts. Check out their posts if their profiles are open to the public. You’ll be better able to contact them with an Instagram marketing plan if you have a thorough understanding of how they’re using the platform.

  • Find out who your rivals’ fans are by researching them.
  • Consider your target market before selecting a social media platform.
  • Investigate the hashtags they’re interested in and the ones they’re really using.

In search of genuine Instagram followers

Increasing your Instagram following the natural manner, through word of mouth, should always be a priority. More individuals that are interested in you, your business, your products, etc. may be reached if you have more followers. The larger your audience, the more of them you have the chance to turn into paying customers.

It might be challenging, though, to gain additional followers.

There is a wide variety of undesirable approaches to gaining Instagram followers.

The goal of engagement marketing is to attract new followers by establishing rapport with them and pique their interest enough to convince them to start following you. The main drawback is that it might take a lot of time to be that actively engaged, and it’s easy to become sidetracked. High-quality Instagram growth services exist, and they have already automated the engagement process for hundreds of organisations and brands, which is great if you enjoy the idea of engagement marketing but don’t have the time to spend to it.

Competing on Instagram

In order to boost either engagement or follower count, brands frequently host Instagram contests. You may conduct a contest independently, with another company, or with an influencer. In certain cases, competitions may be a fantastic way to get users to contribute material.

You can boost engagement by holding a contest that rewards comments on a certain post if you’ve seen a decline in user interaction (or set of posts). Not only will they see your most recent postings, but if they like them, Facebook will know that they enjoy reading about what you have to say and will start displaying more of your posts to them in the future.

Influencers on Instagram

One method to expand your reach is to collaborate with popular Instagram users. In most cases, those who are considered influential have earned their followers’ complete confidence. If they recommend your business or product to their followers, those followers are more likely to investigate further and maybe even make a purchase.

Influencers come in various forms, from A-list superstars (like Kim Kardashian) to macro-influencers (those with between 50,000 and 300,000 followers) and even micro-influencers (those with fewer than 50,000). (2K-50K followers). Although celebrities have the highest name recognition, smaller companies and businesses sometimes find it challenging to get in touch with them to develop a collaboration.


The easiest strategy to gain new followers is to actively interact with your current ones. Never stop talking to your fans. Invest time in connecting with others by posting comments, giving likes, and messaging them privately. Instagram is an excellent channel for building brand awareness, brand affinity, and brand trust, all of which are necessary for converting followers into paying customers.

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