Best Practises For Instagram Profile Pics In 2023

You know the old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” You must have heard this adage at least a couple of times by this point in your life. No one knows for sure who originally said it, but whomever it was, it’s a valuable lesson in life that should be internalised.

Instagram contains plenty of photographs, so the idea that a single circular shot can make or destroy your reputation is absurd. However, this is the very first photo you upload on Instagram and reveal to the world.

Your Instagram profile picture must prominently include your face.

It seems like a pretty obvious choice, right? Why not show off those beautiful whites if it’s your Instagram account?

It may seem odd, but it literally takes five seconds to discover an Instagram account featuring a photo of a puppy as its profile image.

Here’s the deal: people aren’t as emotionally invested in pets or statues as they are in other people’s faces. If you’re the public face of your company, you should also be the profile photo of your company’s Instagram account.

If at all possible, have the picture taken by a pro

Your profile picture should be as clean, clear, and polished as possible. Listen, if you can afford to have a professional photographer do some headshots for you, that’s fantastic.

If it isn’t, just enlist the help of a cool, hip buddy who has access to a high-end camera and take some cool shots for you. You may also take professional-quality pictures by lending someone your iPhone or setting your own self-timer. These days, taking crisp, high-quality photographs is easier than ever.

Do not, under any circumstances, submit a photo that you snapped while drenched in perspiration at Disneyland some years ago. It won’t solve the problem. Spend some time shooting a professional shot if you want to make a good impression on your target audience.

Investigate It In Great Detail.

No, there’s no need to break through someone’s wall of privacy. Don’t make an overaggressive statement with your profile picture; that’s the point.

Your profile picture is already rather small on your main account page. Think about how little it seems while you browse through your Instagram feed.

You should just show your head and a little of your shoulders in your profile picture. If you wear any more, people will mistake you for a mustard seed. Scroll through your Instagram feed and focus just on the profile photographs if you still have doubts. It will become clear to you.

Be open and honest while introducing yourself.

Your Instagram page is completely self-centered. It is therefore incumbent upon you to portray yourself honestly. Being sociable is a requirement.

Remember that potential consumers will want to conduct business with individuals they know, like, and trust, even if you’re using Instagram to market your brand.

Yes, this may be difficult and little embarrassing depending on the individual, but your followers would much appreciate it if you can force a grin on them. In order to get to know you, your followers will first look at your profile photo. Show who you are, whether through a silly expression, a business suit, or something else completely.

Here, Size Does Count

Get your collective thoughts up here; we’re discussing Instagram. Anyway, a profile picture on Instagram is tiny, a fact that many people don’t realise.

On a PC, it’s only 110 by 110 pixels, so don’t worry about it. You should modify your strategy in light of this. This is why it’s important to have a tightly cropped image. Your fans and future fans want you to be prominently shown in that top left corner. Just give it to the people.

If you have a company, promote it using your logo

You may (and should) use your company logo as your profile photo on Instagram if you’re using it for commercial purposes. This will aid in maintaining brand cohesion throughout all of your online properties, including your website, social media pages, email communications, and any other places your logo may appear.

It is still recommended that influencers and business owners who are also the face of their brand use an image of themselves. In this way, your followers might feel more connected to you. Even if a company chooses to use its logo as its profile image, it may still let its fans get to know it better by posting personal photographs to its feed or Stories.

Be Consistent With Your Brand

Don’t use a gloomy picture as your profile picture if your brand is full of cheery hues. It will sound false and confuse your listeners. Select an image that better represents your brand instead. The colours aren’t the only thing to consider here.

Try to convey the brand’s personality, whether it’s light and carefree or sombre and reflective. There’s no right or wrong here, but your Instagram profile photo should convey your brand’s identity.

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