How To Advertise With Instagram Stories: 5 Unique Ideas

In spite of Instagram Stories’ temporary nature, they may have a significant influence on your brand’s marketing efforts. If you’re looking for some inspiring Instagram story ideas and practical advice on how to optimise your account for commercial purposes, keep reading! Next, to develop a comprehensive Instagram marketing plan, you may get our Ultimate Guide to Instagram by clicking here.

These Are 5 Imaginative Uses For Instagram Stories

To find out how your company might benefit from Instagram Stories, keep reading. Instagram ads, like those on any other social media platform, should feature prominently in your story planning. They’re a fantastic method of getting people involved with your company and reiterating your message. Companies that don’t use tales miss out on a significant opportunity for consumer involvement, brand expansion, and revenue generation.

These are five examples of how companies may use Instagram Stories to increase sales.

Commemorate the time you first brought up

Promoting your product or service on social media without being pushy or fake is difficult for any business to pull off.

Instagram’s Stories About You feature might prove to be the answer, thankfully. Brands may quickly publish material in which they were referenced or tagged by using Instagram’s Stories About You feature, which is exclusively accessible to those with a Business Account or Creator Account.

Integrating user-created content (UGC) into your branded content strategy is a fantastic method to boost credibility and honesty. When others see that you like sharing user-generated content (UGC), it gives you social proof and gets more people to talk about you.

Second, exclusive discounts and limited-time promos

The temporary nature of Instagram Stories makes it a great place to promote time-sensitive deals and sales.

With this material, your company may show appreciation to its most devoted fans and encourage even more interaction with its brand. There’s a sense of urgency and scarcity, so individuals are more likely to talk about it with their social networks.

You can make your specials and discounts stand out from the crowd by using the many built-in advertising tools that Instagram Stories provide. In this situation, the countdown sticker on Instagram provides a fun approach to liven up the material.

Advertising on Instagram Stories, 3rd Edition

When it comes to advertising products, Instagram Stories have become increasingly popular.

The most important aspect of publishing advertising on Stories is making the ad creative itself, the Stories picture or video. Stories advertising won’t blend in with the rest of the app’s content if you publish what the company calls “feed” material. You should make sure that your material is structured appropriately for a vertical display. If you do this, Instagram users will be more likely to see your material as being at home there.

The key to making effective Instagram story advertising is keeping things basic. It’s tempting to cram as much information as possible into your ad copy. A reduced conversion rate may result from a confused audience. Don’t waste time writing a novel; instead, focus on creating succinct prose, great graphics, and a compelling call to action.

Fourth, recycle your best-performing material.

Marketing top-performing content in novel and engaging ways is one of my favourite uses of Instagram Stories.

By repurposing your most engaging material in new ways, you may increase your participation. Stories can be based on a variety of sources, including blog entries, press releases, product updates, announcements, and more.

Create an engaging brand narrative

Because it’s named Instagram Stories, this probably goes without saying. Yet, a large number of companies miss the mark when it comes to understanding what makes for compelling narrative material. An engaging brand narrative is the first step.

As a brand, your story-telling options are practically limitless (all within the 15 second maximum Instagram story length). For instance:

  • The preparation of meals at restaurants might be viewed live.
  • Artists might perform a scene from a tour bus.
  • In the locker room, sports teams can confer before the game.
  • SaaS platforms might give a tour of their office and introduce the staff, while consulting firms could offer advice on how to tackle a particular problem affecting the organisation.
  • Fashion advice for putting together the right look might be provided by online retailers.

If you use Instagram Stories to communicate your brand’s narrative, you’ll find that your audience responds positively to the medium on a whole new level.

When it comes to increasing interaction, brand visibility, traffic, and ultimately, revenue, Instagram Stories are one of the finest mediums available. Publication and interaction can be handled from a single location with Meltwater’s Social Media Management tool, and vital information can be quickly and simply reported.

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