In August of 2016, Instagram introduced Stories as a way to compete with Snapchat. Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom, has admitted that the company stole the idea for the Story feature from Snapchat.

Instagram’s Stories are essentially identical to Snapchat’s, with both being erased after 24 hours, being featured on the user’s profile picture, and using the same dimensions and aspect ratio. You’ll need to utilise the correct Instagram Story dimensions, though.

Instagram’s Ideal Dimensions for Stories

When it comes to the size of an Instagram Story, Instagram is pretty particular. The software will downsize your files if their original dimensions are greater than 1080p x 1920p. If you want to see the whole file in the 9:16 ratio, you’ll have to either increase the zoom level (which will degrade the quality) or crop the image.

Should you make your Instagram Stories square like Facebook cover images, or should you keep the normal aspect ratio? No. Instagram Stories don’t distort or vary on various platforms since they maintain the same aspect ratio across mobile and desktop. Facebook cover photos, however, might seem either great or terrible on any given device. The issue might be resolved by using a bigger, higher-quality picture.

Is It Necessary to Create Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories provides marketers with two benefits: content diversity and the fear of missing out (FOMO) impact.

Diversifying the kind of material you post on Instagram can keep your audience interested. Your analytics and statistics reports will show increases in interaction and follower count if you advertise your page properly, and it won’t be just because you’re producing fresh material. Keeping things interesting for your readers will keep them around for longer.

Which are the Stages to Creating a Stories for Instagram Story?

Perform a social media audit before making your first Instagram Story. Your return on investment (ROI) and your social media following growth may both benefit from this knowledge. So, yes, creating an Instagram Story is simple.

Create Your Own Instagram Tale

Once you’ve logged into the app, navigate to the homepage and click on your profile picture in the upper left corner. When you do, the Gallery and recently downloaded images will appear.

Choose “Gallery” to switch between stored media and your device’s gallery, or tap “Camera” to capture a fresh photo or video. You can choose your story path on the following screen.

We’ll go into more depth about these choices in the following section, but if you want to improve your Instagram Stories right now, try utilising Instagram stories templates, maintaining a consistent aesthetic, and playing with with other Instagram tools like Instagram Reels and IGTV.

Changing your Twitter username is one tactic that might help you become more visible online. If you want clients to be able to easily locate you on social media, it’s best to use the same company name everywhere.

Instagram Stories: How to Download and View Them

The same holds true for any and all Instagram posts. To start a download of one of your Instagram Reels, for instance, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the Reel you wish to save. After that, click “Save.” If you want more eyes on your Instagram Story, try adding a Reel.

Ways to See Whoever Who Seen You Story on Instagram

Viewers of your Story are tracked in the “read receipts” section. You alone will be able to view the photos of others who have viewed your Story. However, by switching to aeroplane mode or utilising third-party filtering programmes, consumers may still see a Story without being tracked.

What Are the Different Instagram Story Formats, Tools, and Tips?

Half the struggle is over once you have your photographs and videos cropped to the ideal Instagram Story proportions. Use these story structures, elements, and best practises to give your content that extra something special.


To use the Create option, you must not be inserting any other media into your Story. Select “Camera Roll” from Create’s sidebar’s top left menu to begin.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Text, shoutouts, GIFs, templates, questions, countdowns, and quizzes are just some of the things that may be done with Create. Some of the choices, like “Quiz” and “Countdown,” will choose your questions at random. Stickers, background music, and hashtags may all be added using the “Text” menu option.


Boomerang captures a quick 6-second movie that loops in both directions. This kind of Story allows for some very bewitching content creation. Select “Camera Roll” and then the second option on the sidebar to begin filming a Boomerang. Maintain a constant pressure on the record button.


Superzoom shoots a brief video that instantly zooms in on the focal point, just as you might expect. Designers have the option of enhancing this function with a variety of heart, fire, and other effects.

Once located in the sidebar, Superzoom is now only available through the Effect Gallery. You may either use the Instagram app’s “Browse Gallery” feature or this link to find it.


The layout is almost identical to a storyboard, albeit it falls short in that you can only snap photographs in a grid. There are six different templates from which to choose to make beautiful picture collages.


The “hands-free” category of Stories needs no explanation. When making a hands-free Story, users may film without constantly touching the app. Choose “Camera Roll” and the fourth option on the sidebar to use hands-free. Put the record button down and leave.

Since Facebook (Meta) now owns Instagram, sharing your Stories or Highlights from Instagram to Facebook is a breeze. Simply right-click any media file and pick “Share” from the menu that appears.

In truth, Facebook sharing may greatly expand your audience, but only if you’re familiar with the site’s ins and outs. If you know how to combine your company’s Facebook accounts, for instance, you’ll make it easier for clients to locate you. For a start-up, a single company page is sufficient.

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