An Ultimate Guide: How To Sell On Instagram Without A Website?

Are you contemplating launching an online store but unsure of how to attract customers?

The good news is that an online store can function just fine without one. Simply concentrating on Instagram can result in substantial revenue gains.

Today, images are more powerful than words in any advertising medium. For this reason, you should join the ranks of the successful Instagram merchants who are making a killing right now.

You’ll be able to use Instagram as a company, attract customers, and process payments with ease after reading this post.

What’s the point of using Instagram as a marketplace?

Widespread interest

The number of Instagram’s monthly active users reportedly hit 100 crores in 2022. With 10 crores of users per month, India is in second place globally. This is a tried-and-true method for generating sales via social media. As a result, it appears that Instagram is a viable option for doing e-commerce in India.
Instagram’s user base isn’t limited to those seeking diversion. Nearly nine out of ten app users are following a company. This implies that practically everyone has a brand that they consistently buy.

High level of participation

Eighty percent to ninety percent of Instagram users are inquiring about items or services. Some app users primarily utilise it for doing brand analysis. When compared to other social media platforms, Instagram has the highest percentage of actively engaged users.
Sales tend to be more robust in environments where people are actively involved.

Instagram merchants may more easily increase their product “reach” if they have a sizable following and a high interaction rate.

Instagram as a stand-alone sales platform:

Personal Information

Get Instagram on your mobile device and create an account.

Keep it basic; your username will serve as your brand name.

Explain your product or service in plain English in the “Bio” section. If you don’t already have a website, you can get one by signing up for an Instamojo account and posting your link there. Later in the essay, we’ll go more deeply into this topic.

Post images of your wares

Do not post any images of your goods that have been filtered in any way, since this will distort the image.

Content with pictures of actual consumers utilising the service or product receives 40% more views than text alone. Additionally, light-toned images receive 30% more interaction than dark-toned ones.
Be specific while writing the caption for your photo. In the description, be sure to cover all the bases a potential buyer might have, and at the end, tell them how to get in touch with you to make a purchase.

Employ hashtags to expand your exposure

Instagram users may then find your work through hashtag searches. Hashtags are a great way to describe your goods and make it easier to find. Perform some hashtag analysis to discover which ones your target audience is using. Discover which Instagram hash tags are most effective for local companies.
Locate and Stick with Your Intended Audience: You may find potential customers using Instagram’s search function. When you start following someone, they will receive a notification and likely check out your profile.

Get in touch with them since influencers are becoming increasingly important in the realm of social media. Find Instagram profiles with a large number of your target audience’s followers, then approach them about featuring your product. A product sample may need to be sent to them. If customers are satisfied with your goods, they will likely spread the word without being prompted. If not, at least comment on their posts to interact with their fans and gauge interest in becoming consumers.

Don’t just try to make a sale; instead, get others involved.
Instagram is the most lucrative venue for artists right now.

One of the most important things you can learn from them is that you shouldn’t focus just on making sales. Nikhat, an artist who sells prints on Instagram, also provides aesthetically pleasing videos of her painting and drawing as a thank you to her devoted followers.

Tips for establishing an Instagram shop without a website

There should be a variety of convenient and safe payment methods available to your consumers.

Instagram photos cannot be linked to. Instagram comments and DMs from curious consumers are a common source of information. Always update your maps. There are two ways to levy payment. The first option is to provide them with a payment phone number associated with UPI and ask them to make a payment that way. When your customer base grows, this approach may become woefully inefficient. Therefore, a more reliable method of accepting Instagram payments is required.

Instamojo makes it easy to collect money on Instagram; here’s how it works:

Step 1: Sign up
Join Instamojo by making an account. Conduct the necessary checks. Once you’ve submitted your KYC documents, it should only take a few minutes for your account to be activated.
Step 2: Obtaining a unique Payment Handle

When you join up with Instamojo, your payment handle will be @username (similar to your Instagram handle). Your unique link will be created at immediately. All of your payment options will be displayed to others in a format similar to a simple product catalogue.
Step 3: Disseminate to Clientele

Send the URL to the product in a private message to your consumers so they may purchase it. You will receive an email as soon as a buyer purchases your goods.

Step 4: Either use Instapay or submit a payment request
Send your payment handle ( to customers via messages if you’d rather not generate unique links for each product. When they click the button, they’ll be sent to your Instapay website.
Although making sales on social media is challenging, it is possible to achieve your goal by sticking to best practises and trying out different approaches to marketing.

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