What Marketers Need to Know About Social Media Best Practices?

Whether you’re an expert or an amateur at social media marketing, there’s one thing you must be aware of: social media best practises.

It’s crucial to your company’s success that you understand the proper and improper uses of social media marketing. To top it all off, you’ll have a much simpler time choosing choices.
We’ve developed a list of a few of the most important social media best practises to assist you in the management of your various social media platforms.

Guidelines for Successful Marketing on Social Media

Utilize the specific features of various social media outlets

The benefits of each social media site should be weighed before a plan is developed.
For example, Facebook’s high conversion rate makes it an excellent sales channel. When it comes to engaging with your community, though, there’s no better place than Instagram because that’s where consumers interact with material the most.
Identifying the correct channel and fine-tuning your marketing approach to achieve your goals requires a thorough understanding of the strengths and limitations of each platform.

You may put your approach to the test by comparing two versions of it using the A/B method

The use of A/B testing is a crucial social media best practise.


You can determine what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to save time and effort.

So, let’s say you promote your recent blog article with an organic Facebook post. You may learn what kinds of descriptions and images get people clicking on your ad by using an A/B testing strategy.

The same is true for sponsored advertisements, with the added pressure of needing to determine which advertisements are the most deserving of your money. If you want to know where your advertising dollars are best spent, split testing multiple ad sets or audience groups is the way to go.

Maintain consistent interaction with your target demographic

Having meaningful conversations with your target demographics is crucial for community building. By “consistent, regular, and relevant dialogue,” we don’t mean ad hoc comments and responses.

You can’t afford to keep quiet at a time when 70% of consumers seek help with customer service issues via social media. Set aside time every day to interact with your followers, answering their questions and solving their problems.

Promote each other’s social media pages

You would be surprised at how few people actually pay attention to all the places you’re active online. Because of this, you should advertise your presence across many social media platforms and invite your audience to follow you there.

Compile a list of necessary resources for making content

One of the most tedious parts of managing many social media accounts is coming up with original content to share. If you want to streamline and quicken the production of your content, you should familiarise yourself with the following essential tools.

Use Socialbakers’ Content Inspiration to save time on research and generate ideas for great social media posts in a flash.
Use Google Docs to quickly draught and revise social media posts before sharing them with your team.
Canva lets you make beautiful graphics for your social media profiles from scratch or with the help of pre-made templates.
Using Renderforest, you can make social media videos that are in line with your brand’s aesthetic and highly shareable.
Use Content Cory, a highly visual and user-friendly editorial calendar, to plan and schedule all of your social media posts.

Engage in social media listening

Social media listening is an essential tool for any digital marketer.


Listening is a unique resource for learning new knowledge. It reveals how people are discussing your brand and reacting to your marketing efforts, which may be used to fine-tune your approach.

Plus, monitoring events on social media might help spot potential crises early on. By keeping an eye on public sentiment, potential crises can be identified and contained before they spread.

Create a strategy for handling a crisis

While we’re discussing social media crises, one essential social media best practise is to have a strategy in place for handling such situations.

We know it’s hard to believe, but all social media advertising firms are vulnerable to disasters. Be prepared for clients to express their dissatisfaction with your business on social media, whether in the form of a poor review, a complaint delivered through direct message, or an angry post.

Therefore, it is crucial that you prepare for a disaster in advance by creating a plan. It’s important to have a plan in place for how your business will respond to various emergencies, including who will be in charge, how they’ll communicate with customers, and what actions may be taken.

In this way, you will be prepared to respond to any emergency in a calm, competent manner.

Spend money on social media marketing

Advertising on social media platforms is a must if you want to get any traction with your online presence.

Why? Because advertising on social media is so efficient. Half or more of all marketers state that they saw an uptick in revenue, leads, and website visitors after marketing their products or services on social media.

Always keep an eye on what other businesses are doing

Another must-know point on our list of top social media best practises is keeping eyes on the competitors.

It’s a terrific, risk-free approach to learn new social media strategies by observing the actions of competing businesses.

Think about it: your rivals are probably going for the same customers that you are. You can always take away something useful from their plan, regardless of whether or not they really succeed in reaching and engaging those users.

Here are some of your competitors’ stats you should routinely check up on:

  • Increase in engagement and number of followers
  • Distribution of Content Updates
  • Messages posted by users, and the subjects they cover

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