A History Of TikTok As A Commercial Network

Several of our films have been viewed by anywhere from one billion to seven million people, which is a huge success, as Forrai proudly proclaims. This has increased the number of visitors to our site and strengthened our online group. They were able to find distribution partners and get their goods into THE ICONIC, Odd Goods, and Dolls Kill within three months of debuting on TikTok, so the platform clearly paid off.

Brands are missing out if they aren’t present on TikTok. By collaborating with Shopify, the platform has added ecommerce product functionality to back up the natural product suggestion and sales activity it currently facilitates. TikTok has evolved into an e-commerce platform where artists can promote their favorite products, fans can discover new favorites, and companies may increase revenue.

TikTok’s five main drivers of its social commerce boom

There has been a dramatic increase in the use of social shopping applications among internet users. Sales in the United States from social commerce reached $46.4 billion in 2020 and are expected to rise to $79.6 b by 2025.

Reaching a large number of potential customers via broadcast

There is a common perception that members of Generation Z make up the majority of TikTok’s user base. You might say so, at least partially. In all, there are 386.6 million people using TikTok, and of those, 43.7% are between the ages of 18 and 24. TikTok users, however, span the demographic spectrum:

If your company has been on the fence about joining the platform because you think it’s too frightening or that it mainly caters to a younger population, know that you’re not alone.

Getting information from reputable artists instead than corporations

The fact that artists, rather than corporations, may endorse content producers’ products is one of the many reasons why TikTok is such a successful social selling platform. According to a poll conducted by Matter Communications, 61% of respondents say they are inclined to believe suggestions made by friends, relatives, or influencers on social media. In contrast, just 38% are more likely to believe brand suggestions made through social media.

Observing ingenious product placement

You can get a very accurate idea of how something works by watching a short TikTok video. It’s not uncommon to find product evaluations on TikTok set to a viral song or framed within a viral meme or genre. An LED lamp being unpacked and installed in a tastefully decorated home office is one possibility; another is seeing a writer test out a brand new notepad for research. Content creators with impact utilize their artistic abilities to give items more depth than can be achieved with plain product photography.

Curation as a platform for original content

Curation is a vital service, and creators who use their credibility and influence to propose new items are delivering a valuable public good. There has been a proliferation of brands and enterprises competing for consumers’ attention and wallets since the advent of internet shopping. Instagram users are constantly bombarded with product suggestions in the form of in-feed adverts, YouTube viewers are introduced to a series of commercials before each video, and podcast listeners are exposed to aural commercials.

Taking use of the infectious effect

The social aspect of social trade is its greatest strength. Tweets, photos, memes, and videos can all quickly spread throughout social media platforms and spark discussions that might last for days or weeks. TikTok items experience the same level of virality. When one artist posts a video online, it often inspires a flurry of similar content, whether it’s a montage of user-submitted GIFs or a review of a similar product.

One of the most talked about products on TikTok is the Dyson Hair Wrap, which has been used to curl and blow dry the hair of thousands of women in countless videos. The now-famous “TikTok leggings,” which claim to increase butt size, have been viewed by millions. After a TikTok-shared pasta dish went viral in 2021, feta cheese quickly became a hot commodity. TikTok may be a game-changer for businesses by not only exposing customers to new items but also catapulting their popularity.

How to Use TikTok in Your Business in 4 Steps

The viral success of a business may often be attributed to a naturally occurring video showcasing the product in question. However, businesses nowadays aren’t leaving TikTok discovery to chance. Instead, they’re building a brand on TikTok by adopting the platform’s creative mentality, teaming up with influential users, and making use of the app’s e-commerce tools.

Be consistent with your TikTok activity

TikTok, like Instagram, is quickly becoming an indispensable tool for online retailers. In order to boost product sales, businesses like Shape Cube are actively working to harness the influence of TikTok. They quickly sold out of their first stock when their debut TikTok video received over 500,000 views in only one day.

Take the perspective of an artist rather than a marketer.

In 2018, Isabella Lin launched Fizzy Soaps as a modest Etsy shop with weekly sales hovering around zero. Her store was doing poorly until a video she produced on TikTok describing her business experience went viral, at which point she was able to sell out her entire inventory and take her company to new heights. The majority of today’s visitors to Fizzy Soaps’ online shop first learned about the company and its founder, Isabella, through films posted on the video sharing platform TikTok. They’ve been able to attract new clients via TikTok and monetize their videos without investing a dime in marketing.

Use TikTok’s e-commerce tools to grow your company.

Off-platform product awareness, interest, and purchases were already being driven by the TikTok creative community. However, the addition of ecommerce features shows that TikTok is evolving from a platform for merely considering brands to a platform for making actual transactions.

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