Instagram Marketing: How to Curate, Distribute, and Expand Your User-Generated Content?

On August 5, 2020, Instagram announced Reels as “a new way to create and discover short, engaging films on Instagram.” In the time since, the most popular new content format has revolutionised the ways in which people use social media for both content production and consumption.
The influence of Instagram Reels has been felt by all, prompting many to don their finest footwear and dance to the latest hits. The amount of content created by the public as a result of this has grown.

In this way, Instagram Reels have become the secret sauce for the viral expansion of many companies by facilitating more exposure, interaction, and conversions. After considering the scope for expansion, we now present the definitive user-generated content guide for Instagram Reels.

What exactly are Instagram reels?

Instagram reels are a great way to have some creative fun with video. Stories, Explore feeds, and the Reels page on a user’s profile are all places where users may distribute multi-clip films that they’ve recorded and edited themselves, complete with audio, effects, and new creative tools, that clock in at a total length of 90 seconds.
If you have a public Instagram account, your short-form material will appear in the Explore feed, making it accessible to Instagram users all over the world.

Instagram’s best trending culture is showcased in explore reels. Reels are a popular feature on TikTok, but unlike the TikTok For You tab, you won’t simply be viewing videos from accounts you follow; instead, you’ll see a flood of well-produced videos.

Some of the reels will even be labelled as “Featured.” Instagram selects these highlights to facilitate the discovery of material that may amuse or inspire its users.

Instagram Reels, in a nutshell, has a whole different atmosphere, one that is less chaotic and more carefully managed.

How Can Instagram Reels Benefit Your Company?

Marketers now have more tools at their disposal than ever before to connect with their ideal customers and pique their interest with captivating commercials thanks to the invention of the reel. Sharing brand tales, behind-the-scenes glimpses, instructional content, or simply showing appreciation for what customers have to say about a product is a great way to encourage participation and community building.

Are you prepared to master Instagram Reels for your company’s marketing needs? Well, so let’s get going.

Produce Original Material

Nobody predicted Instagram’s instantaneous content feature would become as popular as it has. They are fascinating in addition to thrilling, giving businesses a great chance to interact with customers by revealing a more personal aspect.

Companies may connect with their customers on a deeper level by producing real reels that speak directly to them.

Some good methods include:

  • Showcase the faces behind the brand.
  • Include the audience into the production process
  • Unique Selling Point
  • The perspectives of current users
  • Or perhaps it’s the product itself and how it’s used.

Reels, in contrast to other forms of social media marketing material, are most effective when used to make a sale indirectly.

Disseminate Useful Information in the Field of Education

To get started, try posting informative content; share your knowledge with your followers by providing them with helpful hints and advice on a topic you are comfortable discussing.

By educating and entertaining your target demographic, you may strengthen your brand’s community and earn respect as an industry authority.

Product Exhibit

Using Instagram Reels, companies can increase their visibility and boost sales with no effort.

Now that Instagram Reels can be shopped, companies have a new platform to advertise their wares. THIS IS A MASSIVE ONE. In order to boost sales and foot traffic to their Instagram Shop, several firms have begun using Shoppable Instagram Reels.

Showcase your wares in a novel way, and if a customer is swayed to make a buy, they may click the “See Products” button for further information, to add the item to a wish list, or to complete the transaction.

Expose your audience to user-created content

“The reputation your organisation has in the market is priceless.” Brain Tracy

Gaining users’ confidence, holding on to their attention, and giving them a better experience are more crucial than ever. In contrast, clients are spoiled by the abundance of options presented by the expanding digital market.

This is one area where user-generated content (UGC) has shown to be quite useful for marketers.

Brands may alleviate consumers’ concerns about making a purchase, demonstrate how their items can be used, and encourage new consumers to give them a try all through recycling user-generated content.

Engage Key Opinion Leaders

Marketing using influential people is now trending. It’s a simple way to capitalise on customers’ impulse purchases.

Its track record of success in helping firms reach their marketing goals and inciting virality gives you hope.

If you’re going to be forming partnerships with influential people, here are some things to think about:

If you want people to connect with your content, you should work with an influencer whose demographic and style align with your own.
While the quantity of followers an influencer has will likely always be a factor, the engagement rates of micro and nano influencers are significantly higher.
The quality of Reels may be increased by a large margin if production parameters are provided to Influencers.

Examine How Well Your Instagram Highlight Reel Is Doing

Insights for Reels and Live were made accessible by Instagram in a previous upgrade, allowing creators and companies to gauge the success of their videos.

In order to make it easier on the creator, statistics on the amount of views, downloads, likes, shares, and total accounts will be provided for reels. You may increase the exposure of your Instagram clips by researching the optimal posting times for maximum exposure.

Instagram’s official announcement of the upgrade read, “We realise that understanding more about how content is being spread is vital,” placing emphasis on a more comprehensive view of the account’s success.

Where Do You Go to Get Instagram Analytics?

Those who have business or creator accounts are the only ones who can see content analytics. For access to the platform’s insights, visit the ‘Insights’ tab in your user profile. Here you can view statistics for your Instagram posts, stories, reels, IGTVs, and lives going back as far as 30 days.

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