How To Make The Most Of Hashtags For Social Media Promotion

They have not only spread throughout the internet, but also had an impact on the language we use. These seemingly insignificant words play a crucial role in today’s high-tech world.

Maybe you’ve always wondered, “why use hashtags at the end of every social media post?”

Hashtags are a vital part of any digital marketer’s toolkit in this day and age. This refresher on the significance of hashtags in social media is for those who may have forgotten their use.

Hashtags are a fantastic tool for categorising and locating specific types of content on social media.

By using hashtags, your posts will be more discoverable.
Twitter and other social media platforms use hashtags to help users discover and discuss posts on related topics.
More people will see your content because of hashtags, and it will be easier to find for people all over the world to use.
Hashtags are a fantastic way to boost traffic on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms by expanding the exposure and interaction your content receives. In recognition of the significance of these few words, we have compiled a resource to assist you in establishing a strong online identity.

If you want your social media marketing efforts to yield the best possible results, then you need to make the most of hashtags, and these simple guidelines will help you do just that.

But before we get there, we have something exciting that will make your use of hashtags much simpler and more efficient.

1. Keep It Straightforward and Concise

Make sure the hashtag you choose for your 2023 holiday calendar is something people will actually search for and remember.

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of hashtags that populate the internet. You’re not likely to see good results from using a hashtag that is hard to spell or pronounce. Nonetheless, you won’t achieve the desired outcomes with a hashtag that is ambiguous, rarely used, or overly generic.

Hashtags work best when they are concise, easy to remember, and simple to type. The subject matter of the discussion should be made clear.

The trick is to zero in on issues that are of interest to your target market. Finding trending hashtags that are also relevant to your content and brand is essential. Hashtags are a great way to organise your content, get your posts seen by more people, and interact with a specific group or audience on social media.

Check out this adorable Mother’s Day post from Lay’s. They have made use of a timely hashtag to give moms a much-appreciated shout-out.

2. Make use of Popular Hashtags

Hashtags that suddenly go viral are said to be “trending.” Surely you’ve overheard some discussion of the “current trends” in the culture.

In other cases, it indicates the most discussed topics or trending hashtags at the moment. The most talked-about hashtags typically revolve around current events. If you come across a trend that could benefit your company, join the conversation by using the associated hashtag.

If you want to reach more people with your content update, use a hashtag that’s currently trending. Your updates won’t just reach your followers and fans, but a wider audience as well.

An additional way to get people talking about a brand is with a hashtag that is currently popular. Make sure a hashtag will contribute to the conversation before using it in a social media post. Without providing anything of value, your post will be lost in the sea of others.

If your post is genuinely helpful to readers, more of them will share it with their own networks, spreading the word about your business. Use the top social media automation tools to schedule your hashtag-filled social media posts in advance. To get more traction with branding campaigns, consider using the national day calendar or any holiday calendar for 2023. Remember that maintaining uniformity is essential!

3. Avoid Abuse of Hashtags

In today’s world of social media, hashtags are a must. They help get the word out about your product to a wide audience by increasing awareness of your brand. Further, the more you use your hashtag across various channels, the more people will recognise it.

However, the optimal frequency of hashtags varies across social media platforms, and exceeding this frequency may reduce engagement. One study found that for every additional 10 hashtags used, engagement drops by 68.2%.

Twitter users should limit their use of hashtags to no more than two per tweet due to character limits.
Use two hashtags on Facebook: one that is already in use and one that is unique to your brand.
Instagram permits up to 30, but experts recommend including no more than 9 in any given post to maximise interaction.

On LinkedIn, you can use hashtags however you like. However, experts advise keeping the number no higher than 5. To avoid having your LinkedIn posts flagged as spam by the LinkedIn Algorithm, please follow these guidelines.

Use two hashtags on Pinterest to make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for.
TikTok: Use four or five hashtags to increase exposure on the app.

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